Development Update

There are a few new features now available on Cloudworks. If you spot any problems with any of them, please contact me at


This is a new experimental feature. You can view all the recent events on the site here:

and all the events for people and cloudscapes that you are following here:

Similiar streams for cloudscapes will be coming soon

E-mail Alerts

I have added in e-mail alerts for when somebody follows you, when somebody comments on your clouds and when somebody comments on a cloud on which you have commented. You can manage your e-mail alerts here:

Spam Blocking

We've integrated Cloudworks with the Mollom spam blocking service. It is possible, there might be a few teething problems with this, with new content getting reported as spam when it's not or vice versa, but hopefully long-term this should help with spam on the site.

  Posted by Juliette Culver on 17 August 2009


Sheila MacNeill says...

Hi Juliette -wow, you've been busy! Liking what you've done:-) Just a few comments from me - which are probably so obvious you're in the middle of doing them or are on your, no doubt huge, to-do list.  I would like to see a bit more personalization in the home page after you log-in eg I would like to see "my clouds" (or at least a link to them) as well as the new/featured ones.  It would also be nice (tho not sure how practical) to have some kind of icon/visual thang to let me know if I am following a cloud wherever it appears (might even just be text saying "you are following this cloud").   An RSS feed  for new clouds (and even new developments just now) might be useful too.

Best wishes


18 August 2009

Juliette Culver says...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for your comments. I'll post about our roadmap for the next few months at some point, but our focus for September is going to look at the design of the home page and how we can improve it for both logged in and guest users. We're definitely planning to make the new cloudstreams a bit more prominent on the site too once we've ironed out all the bugs.

Good idea to show if you're following a cloud. Hadn't thought of that - we may manage to sneek it in!

And I'm currently working on the RSS feeds for the cloudstreams, so hopefully you'll see that on the site either this week or next. We're probably going to let the cloudstreams replace the 'new clouds' block at some point, at least on the home page, though we're not totally decided on that yet. 





18 August 2009

Gráinne Conole says...

Thanks Sheila great suggestions and timely given that we have just updated our development plan! One of the things we aim to do over the next few weeks is work closely with a selection of targetted communities to really explore use of the site and how it can be tailored. What we want to find out is 1) what are the feature that make the site different to other social networking sites, 2) how can we make it of most use in a learning and teaching context - what will make a difference, what will motivate people to use the site, 3) how can we integrate with other web 2.0 sites in an effective way?

18 August 2009

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