Redesign of cloudworks

It has been useful reflecting on the use of Cloudworks this week at ALT-C 2009. It's timely because we are meeting with the graphics designer next week to undertake another redesign - not a major overhaul this time but certainly there are things that can be improved. The extensive liveblogging on some Clouds - such as Martin Bean's keynote and the VLE is dead suggests that the 2-column approach to having "additional content" and "comments" on clouds side by sides doesn't look great. We really would value your comments, so if you have a moment please complete our survey or leave comments on the survey cloud; alternatively of course contact us by email if you prefer.

  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 10 September 2009


Christopher Jobling says...

The links on this page to other clouds all return a 404 page not found error.  The real page should be not Superflous /news it seems. I spotted this on other pages too. Is it a bug?

14 September 2009

Gráinne Conole says...

Thanks for spotting that Christopher! Hopefully now corrected! Keep comments/suggestions/errors/improvement coming!

14 September 2009

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