Preparing for the ETUG workshop in Canada

I'm currently preparing for a two-day workshop and keynote at for the Educational Technology Users Group in Canada. My evolving cloudscape for the event can be found here. I've found setting up the cloudscape a really useful way of organising my thoughts for the event and collating relevant resources. It also means the organisers get a sneak preview of what I intend to cover and hence can contribute ideas or suggestions for improvement. I've also found the Learning Design Toolbox that Rebecca Galley is putting together really useful in terms of being able to "pick and mix" relevant resources, tools and activities. The workshop is really timely as it provides an opportunity to test out some of the laster things we have been developing as part of the OU Learning Design Initiative. In particular:

  • The latest release of CompendiumLD
  • The new features and design of Cloudworks
  • New ideas for types of activities such as the Cloudquest activity
  • Prototype tools such as the Pedagogy Profile


Thoughts on any of these or suggestions for improvement welcome!

  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 11 October 2009


Sylvia Currie says...

We're really looking forward to the ETUG workshop! We're realizing that the cloudscape you set up is a useful way to organize the event information -- all session descriptions, bios, resources, and hopefully ongoing dialogue. Normally we use a wiki to pull together resources for our workshops so it's going to be interesting to see how this all develops!

13 October 2009

Gráinne Conole says...

Glad you are finding it useful Sylvia - it means you (and the participants!) can can get a good idea of what I am planning to do and can comment/making suggestions for changes. I'm looking forward to it as well.

14 October 2009

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