Welcome to Nick Freear!

I'm delighted to announce that my colleague, Nick Freear, has just joined the development team for Cloudworks.

Nick's a great developer with a particular interest in accessibility. As well as helping to improve the accessibility of the site, he is going to be working on internationalisation of the site and on creating Cloudworks widgets and embeds for other sites.

We're all really looking forward to working with Nick and hope you'll enjoy the changes that you see to the site as a result.

  Posted by Juliette Culver on 4 November 2009


Gráinne Conole says...

Delighted to have you on board Nick, you join the team at an exciting time, with activiity on the site really taking off. Looking forward to working with you.


6 November 2009

Mark Pearson says...

Uber cool! Accessibility and Internationalisation -- way to go! (I would have put the umlaut on the U had I been able to :-) With regard to "embeds for other sites", dare I mention Moodle?

6 November 2009

Juliette Culver says...

I didn't mention it above, however Nick used to be a Moodle developer so a Moodle embed is definitely something that we might be able to consider.

6 November 2009

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