Could you be a Cloudworks critical friend?

We are now five months into the third pahse of development of the site and are looking to widen our community of critical friends. We are looking for people who are regular users of the site and have an interest in future development. The group meets approximately every three months via Elluminate for about 2 hours.

If you are interested in becoming a critical friend of the project, please email me, Rebecca Galley at

  Posted by Rebecca Galley on 9 February 2011


Sheila MacNeill says...

Hi Rebecca

I'd be interested



9 February 2011

Rebecca Galley says...

Brilliant! I was thinking of you but didn't want you to feel pressured :-) Excellent news - we'd be honoured to have you.

9 February 2011

Oliver Jenkins says...

Hi Rebecca,

Just spoke with Paul B, we’re in the process of identifying some additional pilot course teams here at BCU and we’ll be advocating the use of a number of the Cloudworks tools to be used during the development process. We will be recording a series of these sessions for our own purposes internally but would be happy to give you access to them should they be of use to you to link to on Cloudworks?


9 February 2011

Rebecca Galley says...

Hi Oliver,

Yes - that would be really valuable for us. It would be great to have a look at the relevant evaluation/feedback from course teams too if that would be ok with you and them?

9 February 2011

LeRoy Hill says...

I'd be interested as well.  I am also planning on installing the latest version for testing.  Since I am looking to get a replacement for my network.

23 April 2011

Rebecca Galley says...

Hi LeRoy - that's great thanks :-)  I will mail you about it next week if that's ok? Rebecca

27 April 2011

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