THU: The Potential of Video Concept Cards(Uffe Frandsen)

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Uffe Frandsen
4 January 2017

Join the OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2017 for my presentation on the 9th of February at 11:15-11:30

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By Uffe Frandsen, Video Journalist at University College Sjælland

In my conference presentation, I will look at feedback received from practitioners in different contexts in respect to Video Concept Cards. Video Concept Cards is an activity and tool, which aims to innovate videos and mixed media projects used in an educational setting. The game consists of real physical cards and is meant to be played in groups of educators in a real physical setting. It is meant to be an open resourse and is free to download, print and distribute under a Creative Commons licence. Video Concept Cards was developed in co-operation with E-learning consultant Anders Thiel from University College Sjælland.

What is Video Concept Cards?

Video and media in education is nothing new. However, the evolution of new tools has brought countless options for using and mixing media in new ways to generate a better learning experience. Video can now be used both on its own and as a frame to incorporate many different types of media, creating an interactive video or mixed media project.

With interaction being a major focus in discussions on the future digital learning objectives, it becomes important to look at how different media types can be used and combined in a meaningful way for educators.


However large the interest in the various new ways of communicating, it is can be a challenge to find new ways of communicating with these tools in an online context.

So how do we build concepts for these interactive videos, and how do we generate new ideas to innovate the use of media in education?

One can argue, that for building a concept of digital educational media the educators need a language and support, to fully be able to mediate their knowledge base through new types of media.

For this purpose the Video Concept card game was created. The goal of the game is  not to supply answers or solutions as such. Instead, the focus is to facilitate collaboration and discussions towards good concepts.

In other words the game tries to innovate by asking the experts: The professionals directly involved with education.

 Short description of Video Concept Cards

The card game is meant to be played around a table by a group of professionals involved with education. It consists of two categories of cards:


  1. Activity cards. These are examples of activities to do in the context a video or mixed media projects.
  2. Media Cards, which are different kinds of media types that are meant to be used in  an educational context.

In the game, the players combine the two categories in different ways and have an open talk or discussion about how to best use the potential in different media types to achieve the activity defined by an activity card drawn in the game. This is meant to facilitate knowledge exchange and idea generation for new concepts.


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