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Larry Stanley
14 March 2017


This is basically me asking for a little bit of help. I've been into Half-Life 2 roleplay for an extremely long time now and I've hosted a few servers here and there. For some reason I've always had difficulty with installing the schema. I've tried looking through the wiki pages i've also tried looking it up on YouTube, and every time I even mentioned it on the forums I get a lot of criticism for being unable to figure it out myself. I'm just looking for a quick and very precise answer for myself and anybody in the future who is having issues with installing the Half-Life 2 roleplay schema. I'm currently using Serenity servers and so far it's been pretty great, I recently came back home to my computer after being away overseas in Iraq and I'd like to get into this. If you could maybe just lend a helping hand or maybe just guide me through this process just one time I would be extremely thankful and forever in your debt.



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nock jones
9:45am 5 May 2017

hi there

you can use Histinger server. It is good server and they are trust worthy

Lots of Server sell our Data to others but this Server is good in it.

so go for it


Owner of Conant


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