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Gospel Ikpeme
5 April 2017

I learnt how to use the computer in a very interesting way many years ago. 

I was working for a school. Two young men joined us and started using computers to do many things in the school for us such typing, editing, formating and printing out letters. I found what they were doing very fascinating and wanted to learn how to use the computer too. 

I went out in search of a computer school and got myself enrolled into one just by the street next to ours. My computer teachers name was Mr Young. 

I soon discovered Mr Young was really kind and eager to teach me. My first computer lessons were basically discussions about the usefulness of the computer with Mr Young. Then he started giving me books to read and the books had tasks I needed to do using the computer. The content of the book had a lot of guidelines and instructions. This helped me to know a lot about the computer. 

It was obvious to me (or so I thought) that I did not need Mr Young. It was easier for me to pick up new computer skills following instructions from the book. My interactions were more with the books and the computer than with Mr Young. I only consulted Mr Young when I was confused about an instruction or about what I needed to press in the computer. 

With the help of Mr Young, I bought a personal computer for myself (a desktop, CPU unit, mouse, keyboard, UPS and loudspeakers). I also asked Mr Young to sell the books to me.  

I now had my teachers at home and I went to see Mr Young less frequently. I learnt how to type using the software called Mavis Beacon and I developed a lot of computer skills following the guides in the books and the tutorials from software help functions. 

The obstacles I had were mainly getting confused once in a while but I always benefitted from the kind consultancy of Mr Young. 

I wanted to learn how to use a computer system and to process documents with the computer, format spreadsheets, design a presentation and browse the internet using a computer. I achieved all of these in less than three months using my guidebooks and pc at home. Today, I am happy I learnt so much about using a computer to solve life many problems. The transferable insights I gained has been amazing. 

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