Asus X99-E has died, replacement?

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mark blake
28 July 2017

So it appears that my X99-E has died. Plugged my T500RS wheel into a USB socket and the system just powered off instantly.No LED lights on the board, switched PSU and still nothing. Removed everything bar memory and CPU and still nothing. Both PSU's work fine on other boards.
I've contacted OcUK for an RMA and ordered another Asus X99 (Gaming) board in the meantime (need PC, cba to wait 2-3 weeks for a replacement) but is there anything else I can try?
I've removed the BIOS battery to clear the CMOS but nothing.
I would have thought if it wasn't the board then at least the onboard LEDs would be lit.I am going to be getting a new system soon, thinking of getting the 1700 and overclocking it to around at least 3.7Ghz. I will then get a new graphics card around a month or so later, probably RX Vega, I do not intend to be getting multiple GPUs. So I think B350 would be the best option, the only question is which B350.Another thing to take into consideration is RAID performance, I have two 840 Evos in RAID 0, does the B350 have good RAID performance is it the same as on the X370?I wasn't expecting the system until next week so, 2 questions


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