5 Ways to Get Your Mobile App Featured On Apple App Store

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brenda john
4 August 2017

Creating a perfect mobile app is one thing and uploading it to the app store is another. When it comes to developing a mobile app, mobile app development NYC companies can come to your rescue but what about the next phase, uploading it on the respective mobile app store. Do not worry; this article will help you with that. Just read on and get your mobile app featured on Apple’s app store. 1. Go Native If you want to see your app on the featured list, then you should take the native route for developing a mobile app. Building a mobile app specifically for iOS can increase your chances. The reason why Apple prefers native apps over cross platform apps is that they deliver a much better user experience and are of higher quality. At the end of the day, user experience is what matters most and native apps win at that department. 2. App Store Optimization What do you do when you have to discover a mobile app in an app store? You use the search feature, right. Similarly, most users follow the same steps. That is where app store optimizations come into play. By optimizing your app store listing, you not only gets more traffic and more downloads but increase your chances of getting noticed by an app store editor. Place keywords strategically in different sections of your app listing and include the primary keyword in the title. Never stuff too many keywords in your app store listing as it do more harm than good to your chances of getting listed. 3. Leverage Your App Store Page After the launch of iOS 11, we have seen a new app store with redesigned app pages. These new pages are designed to highlight most important features of an application. Make sure that your app page is luring enough so that the users download the mobile app. Put you in user’s shoes and inspect the different section of the mobile app page. Will you download your own if you are a user? If the answer is no, then you need to tweak your app store page elements and make them more exciting and interesting for users. Write short and focused descriptions for maximum impact. 4. Pitch To App Store Editor Apple has announced that they will help its users in choosing the best apps by publishing short articles along with tips and tricks about popular apps. Do not miss this opportunity if you are creating a mobile app for iOS. If you have noticed, a free or premium mobile app or game is reviewed daily. Editors receive thousands of pitches and you can send one as well. They are always on the lookout for high quality apps in every category. If your app pitch manages to impress the editors, your app will be reviewed and you know what that means for your mobile app, an instant shot to fame. 5. Strive For Better Ratings What is the first thing user looks at when they are planning to download an app? They look at the app ratings and then read what other users are saying about the mobile app before installing the mobile application. Another way to get your mobile app featured on Apple’s app store is to get better reviews and higher ratings. These factors indicate how good or bad the user experience of your mobile app is? Although, rating and reviews are not fully in your control but you can get better results by satisfying your app users with your mobile app. Mobile app developers needs to be vigilant in resolving app issues highlighted in negative feedback.

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