Deleting iCloud Photos Easily

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mark blake
8 August 2017

I am in a position, which I assume is quite common, where an iCloud account is full of photos from various different phones over the years. The quota is now nearly full and I need to delete them all.

Assuming I have downloaded all photos and videos and backed them up myself somewhere, I would like to delete all these from iCloud.

However, on I can only find a way to delete selected photos. I do not want to select 9000 photos in order to hit the delete button, I simple need a Delete All.

Now I understand that Apple want you to use a lot of storage, so you'll just buy more, but I cannot believe there is not a simple way to free it all.

All the answers I have found center around removing them from particular iOS devices or disabling iCloud Library on the devices.

This is not a solution since there are many such devices, some of which are not even owned by me anymore.

It should be possible to do this at

Any help appreciated.

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