Powering ExpressCard via external power supply

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Joe Clark
8 August 2017

Hello all!
connecting to HP Probook running Win7 64bit.

I know this tech is a bit long in the tooth but as I have $ invested in firewire hardware for audio recording I am trying to stay this route.

It is running fine with one audio interface, but I am using this for audio recording purposes and syncing up two interfaces via firewire. Apparently, due to system power getting low it won't sync with two firewire audio interfaces and occasionally drop the sync, which when recording a live band as you can imagine, leads to some undesired results.
This brings me to my next step, which would be to try power the ExpressCard externally as it has a power pin on the side. I am not 100% sure this is the issue but it would be easy to rule out and I am not sure what else it could be.

Anyone have an idea what I can use to power this

Thank You!!!

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