Broken psi amplifier device question

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Joe Clark
9 August 2017

I wasn't aware Kara shows up during the job with Zaalt before he randomly showed up in the middle of my remake couple days ago and I decided to help him out, figured it a harmless Uveto unlock method. Now I find out and test with previous saves that there was extra for those that met Kara...

So I want to ask now to save myself from loading a previous save and scrubbing through transformations + effort. How important is this, and if it is important, will there be a way to meet Kara as she's delivering the item to invoke some say in the matter before she makes the delivery. Cuz this stuff showed up while I was working my way past Tarkus, and the effort I've put in might suck to rewrite... again.... but better now then months later.

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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