Homepage not ranking for targeted keywords (established site with somewhat ok UR&DR;)

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Joe Clark
11 August 2017

Hello everyone, i have a question regarding my homepage issue. My homepage is not showing up in google search result for all the keywords except brand name. I have checked the following things to make sure my homepage is working properly.

1.The page is indexed.
2.No canonical issues
3.No robots.txt issues.
4.Ahrefs UR45 DR55 while my competitors ranking in 2nd and 3rd page have lower UR and DR
Have tens of thousands of backlinks but i think most of them are legit
I suspect the problem might be the hoempage has more than 70 Anchor text (Internal links) working as directory, and many of them contain the keywords we are targeting. Will that be the reason my homepage is not ranking at all? Since the google might consider it as keyword stuffing and penalize my homepage for that.

What are your thoughts on this? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!!!

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