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Joe Clark
11 August 2017


I'm a new user, I followed a Google search here after looking for reviews on a company that has quoted their SEO services and I'm a bit uncomfortable with their methods.

Am far from an expert, but what I would ideally like is a company that can do an audit of our site (WordPress using WooCommerce) and give me a list of everything that needs doing with it to bring it up to spec. And who can also identify the keywords that people are searching for to find our products so we can incorporate them into the copy. Does such a company exist?

I'm happy to do the changes and write the copy myself, I'm just not sure how to find what needs doing and what is wrong with the site (small home business, I created it myself).

Would appreciate any recommendations you may have of who to look at.

Should add if it is at all relevant - we're a UK business.

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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