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mark blake
11 August 2017

Hi all

I have an issue with google photos that is doing my head in. Basically when i take a batch of photos i then, when home switch on auto backup and they upload to google photos (great thats what i want !) i can then move them on google photos into albums and view these on all of my nexus devices through the gallery app.

Again all is great apart from one thing, when i go into the gallery app on say my nexus 5, all my photos are there in the albums etc, however i have one album thats called "auto backup" it has about 46 photos all of which appear in other albums but i cant no matter what i do get rid of this one album.

I have signed into google plus on pc and this album does not exist on there for me to delete. I have googled the problem and all the answers tell me to go into google settings and un sync google photos completely. I don't want this i just want this one album to vanish.

Any help would be appreciated.

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