Exporting Cloud Server Images from the Rackspace Cloud

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mark blake
8 September 2017

Each of these guides are also useful for customers who need to transfer cloud-servers between Rackspace regions. Those who need to do that can refer to both this article and the community link above to achieve it. Please note whether you are moving between regions or just importing or just exporting your VHD to or from the Rackspace Cloud, both these tutorials are the way to do it, and are fairly comprehensive.

Every now and then we get the questions asking about how to Export Cloud-server images from the Rackspace Cloud into the wild. The thing is you require the API and a lot of our users are put off for fear of API. But it's not that hard, in fact, it's super duper easy. This article aims to demystify this process for users of Openstack and Rackspace Customers

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References  https://community.rackspace.com/products/f/25/t/7089



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