Technical Knowhow: Five ways to promote website performance by static caching

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mark blake
8 September 2017

I myself am a geek, inclined to experience/knowhow sharing. In this article, I primarily describe and share some experience in static caching. I am prepared to accept your advice for any deficiency in this article.
Speaking of static cache technology, CDN is classic. Static cache technology covers a broad range of technical facets, concerning Apache, Lighttpd, nginx, varnish, squid and other open-source technologies.
Static cache generally refers to a caching technology in a web app in which an image, JS, CSS, video, HTML or any other static file/resource is cached in the disk/memory to improve the mode of resource response and reduce server pressure/resource consumption.
In this article, static cache is elaborated in five aspects: browser cache, disk cache, memory cache, nginx memory cache and CDN.

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