Mobile App Toolkit - Conference Poster, Abstract and progress

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Denise McDonough
5 December 2017

Studying online using a mobile device represents unique challenges due to the (current) functionality limitations in application "Apps" and operating systems "OS".

Many students would like to be more productive while commuting or on the go, especially where seats might be limited. My project and presentation will provide an introduction to choosing Apps for study online using a mobile or tablet.

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Denise McDonough
10:43am 7 December 2017

How do I view this Cloud to see if it is the right Cloudscape?

How do I upload a PDF? The Extra Content only open a new text window for comments, Word content (copy and paste)

Thanks for reading my Cloud

Best wishes, Denise

Dr Simon Ball
9:26am 11 December 2017

Hi Denise
If you go to the Conference Cloudscape you will see your Cloud in the box of Clouds In This Cloudscape at the bottom, if you've located it correctly. You will see currently that you have two entries, so you'll need to delete one of them (I guess this one). You'll also need to adjust your title format slightly - see instructions in the Conference Forum.
For documents like PDFs etc you will need to mount them somewhere online (Slideshare, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc) and add a Link on your Cloud to them there.
Best wishes


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