THU: (Keynote) The Digital Scholar Revisited (Martin Weller)

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Dr Simon Ball
18 December 2017

In 2011, the author published a book entitled The Digital Scholar. It was an attempt to examine the impact of digital, networked technologies on scholarly practice. Since 2011, there have been a number of further social media tools that have gained widespread popularity (for example Instagram, and Snapchat), the widespread adoption of Twitter and Facebook into all aspects of society and academic developments such as MOOCs, learning analytics, and the integration of tools into education.
This represents an opportunity then to consider the changes in practice since the book’s publication and to examine the current landscape of digital scholarship, with particular reference to current challenges and future directions.

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Mr Jonathan G Brown
3:32pm 18 January 2018

Hi Martin,

When I chose the title 'Tomorrow's Digital Scholar' for my presentation, I had no idea that you'd be at the conference, nor that I'd be following you!  If we need to work out some royalty payments, let me know ;-)

In your research, have you come across any examples of how Secondary schools are integrating these tools into the curriculum well, or have you focused on HE?  If the latter, have you seen evidence of students entering HE well-equipped to use the tools of the digital scholar - or have they needed to be nurtured within the university environment?

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