A case study of Second Life for collaborative learning

0209 ALT-C 2009 Ming Nie, Paula Roush, Matthew Wheeler

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26 August 2009

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Maria Eugenia Morales Mora
10:19am 16 November 2009

Una interesante experiencia en el uso colaborativo de SL para el aprendizaje... alguién tiene referencia de experiencias realizadas en castellano?

Yo tengo referencias de usos educativos de SL encontrados en: http://sleducation.wikispaces.com/educationaluses, enlazada a continuación... conoce alguno de uds. otras experiencias pero en universidades de iberoamerica?

Kasi Addison
6:35am 1 July 2017

This is a very simple and easy to multi-user virtual learning environment is became a vital part of 21st century education system. Educators are using interaction platforms worldwide to help students learn in an interactive way and buy an assignment. Collaborative learning allows students to learn in a satisfactory, engaging and effective manner.

davinchi code
6:37am 12 September 2017

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Angelica  Mandy
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Yelena Hopper
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