Blog Post: The Transition from the Co-Digital to the Post-Digital

David White blog post (TALL blog, Oxford University), 27th November 2009

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Antonella Esposito
9 December 2009

This blog post by David White synthesizes the strong debate sparked by the discussion paper Planning for the Post-Digital’.

Moreover, the author presents a model of innovation process built upon the Hierarchy of Digital Distractions by David McCandless.

The proposed model aims to represent the transition from an early phase 'Co-digital' - in which "a technology goes through as the user community appropriates it and influences its development" - towards a 'Postdigital' one, in which (according to the original document), the power of the technologies "arises in the act of their colonisation, or appropriation, by people into their lives; when they cease to be technology and become simply "stuff that works".

The debate is underway in reply to this post.

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