Critical curiosity as a dimension of learning power

'Some learners appear to regard learning itself as learnable. They believe that, through effort,...

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Rebecca Ferguson
10 March 2010

'Some learners manifest a desire to find things out. They like to get below the surface of things and try to find out what is going on. They value ‘getting at the truth’, and are more likely to adopt ‘deep’ rather than ‘surface’ learning strategies. They are less likely to accept what they are told uncritically, enjoy asking questions, and are more willing to reveal their questions and uncertainties in public. They like to come to their own conclusions about things, and are inclined to see knowledge as a product of human enquiry. They take ownership of their own learning and enjoy a challenge. The opposite pole is passivity. Passive learners are more likely to accept what they are told uncritically, and to believe that ‘received wisdom’ is necessarily true. They appear to be less thoughtful, and less likely to engage spontaneously in active speculation and exploratory kinds of discussion.' (Crick, 2007, p140)

Deakin Crick, R. (2007). Learning how to learn: the dynamic assessment of learning power. The Curriculum Journal, 18(2), 135-153.

Critical curiosity is one of the dimensions of learning power. These are:

  • Changing and learning
  • Critical curiosity
  • Meaning making
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Learning relationships
  • Strategic awareness

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