Meaning making as a dimension of learning power

'Meaning-makingSome learners are on the lookout for links between what they are learning and what...

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Rebecca Ferguson
10 March 2010

Some learners are on the lookout for links between what they are learning and what they already know. They get pleasure from seeing how things ‘fit together’. They like it when they can make sense of new things in terms of their own experience, and when they can see how learning relates to their own concerns. Their questions reflect this orientation towards coherence. They are interested in the big picture and how the new learning fits within it. They like to learn about what really matters to them. The opposite pole is fragmentation. Some learners are more likely to approach learning situations piecemeal, and to respond to them on their own individual merits. They may be more interested in knowing the criteria for successful performance than in looking for joined-up meanings and associations.' (Crick, 2007, p140)

Deakin Crick, R. (2007). Learning how to learn: the dynamic assessment of learning power. The Curriculum Journal, 18(2), 135-153.

Meaning making is one of the dimensions of learning power. These are:

  • Changing and learning
  • Critical curiosity
  • Meaning making
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Learning relationships
  • Strategic awareness

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steve waugh
5:46am 10 October 2017

A few students are vigilant for joins between what they are realizing and what they definitely know. They get delight from perceiving how things 'fit together'. Someone to Do my Coursework They like it when they can comprehend new things as far as their own involvement, and when they can perceive how learning identifies with their own worries. Their inquiries mirror this introduction towards lucidness. 

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