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We propose that one of the barriers to adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in common teaching practices is the lack...

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Anna De Liddo
11 June 2010

We propose that one of the barriers to adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in common teaching practices is the lack of transparency of practitioners’ ‘thinking’ around the production and consumption of those resources.

Thefore we propose to move from a paradigm of opening up contents and OER to a paradigm of opening up people’s thinking about OERs.

Our objective is to make this thinking visible and exportable in a way that support the emergence of collective intelligence around OER. To cater for this we designed Cohere, a first prototype socio-technical infrastructure to gather Collective Intelligence around OER.

You can explore more these concepts by looking at the PPT presentation embedded here below. This is a presentation for Ed-Media 2010 Conference,, to be held in Toronto, Canada, June 29 –July 2, 2010.

If you want to know more about Cohere you can also watch the movie, embedded here below, from the submission to the Mozzilla Firefox Competition 2009: Jetpack for Learning. In this movie we explain how Cohere can be used to enhance Web-Annotation to more effective learning. 

Please visit the OLnet project for info on Cohere development and demo, or look at the references in this cloud.

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Enhancing Web-Annotation to more effective learning - Submission Mozilla Firefox Competition 2009: Jetpack for Learning

Enhancing Web-Annotation to more effective learning - Submission Mozilla Firefox Competition 2009: Jetpack for Learning

added by Anna De Liddo

From Open Content to Open Thinking. Ed-Media2010

From Open Content to Open Thinking. Ed-Media2010

added by Anna De Liddo


Martin Weller
8:52am 25 June 2010

Hi Anna (and Michelle)

good video - seeing Cohere in action on real resources (incl The Mail!) made it come alive for me.

I guess the good & bad thing you face is that people aren't really used to categorising their thoughts in this way. So the good part is that Cohere encourages people to reflect on their own argument and to become clearer when constructing it. This is surely what education should be doing. The 'bad' part is that there is an additional barrier for people to overcome in using it - so you have the new technology element (even if it is easy to use) and also the new mental processes to develop. The pay-off may be worthwhile but it'll be interesting to see if this double hit at the start is too much for many. And that is interesting for all of us in ed tech as it has implications not just for Cohere but also for whether we can use the social web to go beyond just sharing 'stuff'.

So good luck with it!

Thanks for the contribution,


Anna De Liddo
9:45am 25 June 2010

Hi Martin,

thanks for the comment, you  describe in a very nice way some of the key challenges we are facing in the development of Cohere: a cognitive one and a technological one

  • We ask people to reflect and make explicit their thinking; which implies reflecting on their thought, being explicit and clearer on the point they want to make, to who they are talking etc..toward increasingly finer level of clarification and deeper level of sharing of their thinking.
  • An we ask them to do it with a new technology they are not used to, which requires them to fragment, classify and connect their contribution with an all new communication language.

Together with that we have also to proof that the pay-off is worth the effort, and use this to motivate participation and engagement.

To face these various challenges we are at the moment driving some usability studies with, researchers and scholars in open education, to analyze the main cognitive and technical challenges of using Cohere. Clearly different usability studies should be planned for different communities. Results are still premature but they are encouraging! As we often realize when driving usability studies users can STRIKE you with their intelligent and creative adaptation to new tools!

Together with that, in order to foster engagement, we are building scenarios of use to communicate how Cohere can support the development and practice of critical thinking and deeper learning.

So yes, we need good luck :)

Thanks a lot for the very interesting conference and discussions. You organized and run a very successful event!

Looking forward for the next edition!



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