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Lesley Morrell
22 August 2010

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As an introduction to Web 2.0 pupils aged 9.

I am using online noticeboard; Wallwisher for pupils to respond to their online research, and then wiki: to collaborate and present their results.


Collaborate to explain a symbiotic relationship which you have researched, present your report on a wiki; each pupil writing about one half of the relationship.

Stage 1

In school.....Research to find examples of symbiotic relationships; post stickyon Wallwisher. At home.... Communicate by email with partner, review contributions to the wall, together decide which sticky you will study further and report upon. Email teacher to inform decision taken.

Stage 2

In school.........Research chosen subject. Experience the wiki, learn how to use it. At home....... (Pupils are working in pairs.) open the wiki. and write your contribution. Pupils may discuss their ideas as they progress through the chat feature included on the wiki.

Stage 3

Export the finished wiki into document, add images etc and present to class as final output.


Has anyone else used these tools with this age group, how did it go?



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