Day 1 - 6 Break out groups considering question 2 - What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision? Introduction by Gráinne.

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3 November 2010

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Gráinne Conole
10:55 on 8 November 2010

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Steven Verjans
2:43pm 8 November 2010

Group 3: Challenges

  • Main challenge: Getting Open Educational Resources Right GO-ERR
  • Are practices surrounding OER different from practices with any learning resources?
  • When we talk about OEP, do we mean (1) content for learning, (2) methods for learning, and/or (3) tools for learning. 
    • Copyright discussion centered around creative commons. (Derek Keats)
      • Non-commercial aspect is a minefield. When do we define something as commercial?
      • Share-alike, no derivs, and attribution are somewhat safe
    • Is there a decision point, concerned about: "Are we bothered about copyrights or not?"
      • If we are bothered, how do we deal with copyrights?
      • If we are not bothered, ...?
    • Human condition: if you invent something and share it for free, what do you do when someone starts making a lot of money off your invention?
    • OPAL needs to get its head round the issue of openness.
    • Especially the commercial / non-commercial issue is crucial for most learners / institutions.
  • Interesting discussion: is content central to OER, or are services around OER central.


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