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11 November 2010

Our thanks go to the following participants at the workshop:

  • Susan D'Antoni, Athabasca University, Canada
  • Tom Wambecke, International Labour Organisation, United Nations
  • Tim Unwin, Royal Holloway College, United Kingdom
  • Ricarda Reimer, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Dirk Schneckenberg, Rennes Business School, France
  • Chris Pegler, The Open University, United Kingdom
  • Andy Lane, The Open University, United Kingdom
  • Ville Venäläinen, Otava Folk High School, Finland
  • Jose Luis Ramos, University of Evora, Portugal
  • Julià Minguillòn Alfonso, Open University of Catalonia, Spain
  • Steve Ryan, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Andrew Ravenscroft, London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
  • Steven Verjans, The Open University in the Netherlands
  • Jan Pawloski, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Diego Leal, Ministry of Education, Columbia
  • Hans Põldoja, Tallin University, Estonia
  • Eta De Cicco, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, United Kingdom
  • Seb Scmoller, Alternative Learning Technologies, United Kingdom

The workshop was attended by the following OPAL Initiative team members:

  • Grainne Conole, The Open University, United Kingdom - who was the workshop facilitator
  • Abel Caine, UNESCO - which kindly hosted the workshop
  • Zeynep Varoglou, UNESCO
  • Ulf Daniel-Ehlers, University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany - the OPAL Initiative Director
  • Thomas Richter, University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany
  • Goncal Silva, Catholic University of Portugal
  • Anna-Kaarina Kairamo, Aalto University, Finland
  • Natalie Eggleston, The Open University, United Kingdom
  • Paul Mundin, The Open University, United Kingdom

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