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Gráinne Conole
1 December 2008

Interesting presentation at Ascilite 08 tweeted by Rob Phillips, link to a wiki on the work.

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John Davis
5:04am 1 December 2008

The 'architecture' slide from the presentation was very useful. We have just started an undergraduate project in Bristol relted to 'Bridges in Bristol'. First year Civil Engineers used to be taken round the city centre to explore the range of bridge technologies in use. There are too many of them to do this now. So the plan is to send them out with GPS aware phones. Depending on thei technology, they will be able to access background info, videos of the bridge opening (maybe a rare evetn otherwise) and quizzes; possibly followed by directionsto the next bridge. This is probably outrageously over ambitious - but it is meant to find out what is possible. John

Gráinne Conole
12:41am 2 December 2008

Sounds really interesting John - you reallly should put this in as a cloud!

its a perfect example! ;-)



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