5th April-6th April Approaches to large scale e-Portfolio Implementation

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Sarah Chesney
7 February 2011

Following on from the specific context of the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development once the funded period for this CofP has ended, the e-portfolio community of practice activities will broaden their scope. Taking the community into the next 'phase' will be Gordon Joyes and Angela Smallwood from the University of Nottingham.
This activity will present the JISC funded e-portfolio Implementation project which has examined large scale e-portfolio implementation.

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Gordon Joyes, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Nottingham
Angela Smallwood, Associate Professor, Centre for International e-Portfolio Development, Information Services, University of Nottingham

The JISC funded ePI study (August 2010 – May 2011) is exploring large-scale implementations of e-portfolio use in Higher and Further Education and professional organisations in the UK. The study has involved 9 participating HE institutions, 3 FE colleges and 2 professional organisations in the UK. There are also 4 Australian and 3 New Zealand participants.
The study has sought to:
  • Identify a range of examples of wide scale e-portfolio implementations within HE/FE institutions and professional bodies that will inform practice/strategy;
  • Gather a range of case studies to support the articulation of models of implementation;
  • Develop an appropriate means of disseminating the outcomes that enables a potential user to understand the implementation issues and identify the cases that are most relevant to their own contexts.

  • A wiki has been used by the participants to develop the case studies and each one has identified areas of developed and developing practice and has offered exemplars of these. This has been used as a basis for eliciting the implementation journey that has led to current practice.
    ePI study participants will be invited to join the Cloudworks session as well as the wider e-portfolio community. We will present the ePI study models of implementation and examples of cases within the ePI study wiki. This would be an opportunity for those within the e-portfolio community to get an early view of the study outcomes and to contribute to a dialogue about implementation.

    Sarah Chesney
    15:09 on 7 February 2011 (Edited 15:13 on 7 February 2011)

ePI study participants have been invited to this discussion. We have also invited the JISC experts group, the current members of the E-portfolio Community of Practice and members of several mailing lists. We will be exploring four key questions in relation to e-portfolio engagement within institutions that have arisen from the ePI study of large scale e-portfolio implementations. These are:

  1. Why should we expect practitioners and their institutions to engage with e-portfolios?
  2. Why is e-portfolio implementation not straightforward and why is it different to VLE implementation?
  3. What are the key factors for success for practitioners and for large-scale engagement with e-portfolios  within an institution?
  4. How can the support of senior managers be gained?

Gordon Joyes
10:58 on 4 April 2011

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