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Tita Beaven
16 February 2011

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HitRECord is a professional open collaborative production company. Check out what they do, and their business model here:

Tita Beaven
15:25 on 16 February 2011


Another Barcelona:

The Lonely Planet describes Barcelona as a picturesque city in which "Restaurants, bars and clubs are always packed, as is the seaside in summer, where you might get the impression it's dedicated exclusively to hedonism, although it's a hard-working, dynamic place hoping to place itself in the vanguard of 21st-century Europe." This documentary deals with a different Barcelona. 

This is a story about a city that's disappearing because of the “Showroom Barcelona” that has been sold to tourists, architects, designers and all kinds of international corporations.


—To get the widest distribution, free of restrictions.

—To avoid granting exclusive rights to any TV channel or private organization.

—Because this work may inspire and even become a part of future works. We want it to be like that.

Tita Beaven
15:41 on 16 February 2011

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