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Thomas Ryberg
1 March 2011

The CoED-method, is a collaborative design tool developed by e-Learning Lab (Aalborg University, Denmark) for use in the Learn@Work-project. The design tool was used for the first time in a workshop at e-Learning Lab, Aalborg, in May 2006. Since then we have used it several times. It consist of a method or set of rules for the collaborative design process (described in this paper) and a web-based tool for generating the different (printable) cards, that are used as part of the design process. The process and method are described in the paper - the card-generator can be found above.

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Chris Basson
11:50am 28 January 2013

This is a useless tool and does not work when you export your input to MS Word

Thomas Ryberg
1:54pm 28 January 2013

HI Chris

I think we are suffering from a page move - maybe if you want, you could try - think this should work. Sorry for the confusion

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