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Lynda Davies
4 March 2011

Abstract: SocialLearn is an online learning toolkit, developed by The Open University, which learners can take with them wherever they go on the web. Its role is to help learners make sense of the wealth of content and media available on the Internet.

Rebecca Ferguson, research lead on the project, will provide an overview of SocialLearn and its plans for the future. She will demonstrate some of the social tools that are available and the path tool that makes it easy to link different resources.
Moving away from Open University sites,  she will demonstrate the SocialLearn backpack in action, and focus on a couple of the gadgets that are available to learners.

She will also focus on the experience of the pilot user communities who have been using the site since February, on current use of SocialLearn and on plans for the future - including learning analytics and smart recommendations based on users' learning activity.

OU staff members and research students can access SocialLearn here

Presenter: Dr Rebecca Ferguson ( KMi )

Date: 15 June 2011

Twitter hashtag: #ouTCM

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SocialLearn Project

SocialLearn Project

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