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Rebecca Galley
27 May 2011

This pathway through the OULDI toolbox has been developed to provide a theoretical overview of the methodology for learning design developed by the Open University's Institute of Educational Technology. The module was developed for teh EU funded 'Design-Practice' project in 2010, and  is aimed at participants with an interest in using technology in their teaching practice and/or are involved in any part of the design of learning activities. The module is self-paced and takes approximately 5 hours. Activity is entirely online on Cloudworks.

Completing the training module will improve your knowledge and understanding of:

  • The design process for learning activities
  • Choices that practitioners make about the ways of applying technologies for a variety of learners

...and your ability to :

  • Use and evaluate particular technologies and tools for individual and collaborative learning
  • Share and collaborate learning designs

The training module starts with an overview of 'What is learning design?' in the Cloud in this Cloudscape - Design-Practice Activity 1 - 'What is learning design?'.

 The online self-paced introduction to learning design is covered by Activities 1-4 in this Cloudscape - please see below.

We would also value your feedback on each of the four activities in the appropriate Evaluation Clouds - Activity 1a, 2a, 3a and 4a.

There are three levels of participation in the module:

  1. At a minimum you can read the Activity Clouds and the document resources they point to on Slideshare.
  2. You can do 1 above and then actively participate in Activity questions and the posting of comments to the Activity Clouds.
  3. You can do 1 and 2 above and then visit the Evaluation Clouds to give us feedback about your experience of the Activities.

 To participate in 2 and 3 you will need to set-up a Cloudworks login and password to be able to add or change your content - 'Sign up' on the Cloudworks home page. Please be aware that Cloudworks is an open ‘social’ environment and anyone can view the content of your Cloudscapes and Clouds on Cloudworks.

Over the timeframe of the training we would also like you to participate in other evaluation activities, including a questionnaire about your experience of the training, to capture feedback for the development of the next version.

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