Using a Wiki in L1 Reading and Writing Lessons

Wikis can be used in L1 lessons to write and revise texts jointly

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Eckart Stoermer
5 December 2008

The idea is to combine the use of wikis with teaching reading and writing based on the

work of David Rose (Systemic Functional Linguistics) in Sydney who teaches reading in

writing in a very intense collaborative way.

He starts with the context of a text which students should know before they start reading.

From there you can go down to the meaning of the text, the paragraph and sentence.

From here you can look at single phrases and words and how the spelling is.

These words can be used to write own sentences first collaboratively and then individually.

I'm using wikis (within moodle) in L1 lessons because:

  • you can use the combination wiki/beamer just like the blackboard but the produced texts are later available over the internet, they can be  changed or reused
  • if you are working in a room with a beamer you can produce and revise texts jointly to teach students writing
  • students like it to write in the wiki visible for all because no one can see their handwriting
  • students are more active to improve the visible text because it's easy to change
  • you can easily produce pages for each student on which students write their own texts
  • student texts can easily be shown for all to discuss them with the class
  • students can write texts or read the texts produced during the lesson at home
  • student texts or parts of them can easily be put together to a larger texts

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Gráinne Conole
11:53am 6 December 2008

Hi Eckart

really interesting thanks for adding this. I have added it to the Moodle cloudscape.

Nathan Lomax
7:31pm 18 August 2009

Hi Eckart,

This sounds good - I am hoping to try out a similar collaborative writing task where students re-construct a text from a skeleton - like a cloze activity. I have experimented with Onenote, which was great for synchronous editing of a text, which was up on the projector in class, but this only worked once then I had technical difficulties. I am going to try it again with Googldoc.



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