Proactive Design for Learning (PD4L)

New learning design strategies

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Rod Sims
8 December 2008

To review, assess and critique 'learning designs'

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Gráinne Conole
8:36pm 8 December 2008

Hi Rod

this sounds really interesting - can you say any more? Is this a project and is there a

web site. I like the notion of proactive design. We do need to make the design

process more explicit and help facilitate teachers to be more reflective about how

they going about designing learning activiites and how they evaluate their effectiveness.

Rod Sims
9:46pm 10 December 2008

Hi Grainne ... this is what the paper is all about - once there is general access we can engage

in a more meaningful discussion. Essentially the idea is to be proactive in addressing the

[online] design environment by using a series of strateges such as Three-Phase Design

(Sims & Jones, 2003), emergence, personalisation, interaction and (of course) founded on a

strong theoretical framework.

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