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17 April 2012

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Gráinne Conole
23 March 2012

This cloud has been created to aggregate relevant resources on the topic of digital literacies, please feel free to add relevant links or references to it. I'm interested in including resources specifically on digital literacy skills, as well as resources on social and participatory media and their implications for learners, teachers and researchers. 

Some food for thought:


  • What are the key literatures on digital literacies?
  • Jenkins lists 11 literacies I would addd creadity what are peoples thoughts on this?
  • What is the nature of creativity and its relationship to technology?
  • In what ways have the literacies we need to changed with the impact of new technologies?


This is in prepartion for a seminar at Plymouth University on the 18th April. I thought it might be fun to adopt a crowdsourcing approach to gathering material for the event. I would of course acknowledge all contributions. Don’t know how this will work but thought it might be fun as an experiment. The topic is digital liteacies and creativity. So…. Contributions here please!

Extra content

At EC IPTS, we have an ongoing research project on identifying and defining the subcompetences related to what we label "digital competence", definition based on the 2006 EC Recommendation on key competences.

This is the prohect webpage:

We have been mapping the different concepts digital competence draws upon, in the this report:

We have also developed an "encompassing working definition" of digital competence, which is going to be published in a new report before the summer, but it has been discussed already at an expert workshop. Here is it:

Digital competence is the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes (thus including abilities, strategies, and awareness) that are required when using ICT and digital media to perform tasks; solve problems; communicate; manage information; collaborate; create and share content; and build knowledge effectively, efficiently, appropriately, critically, creatively, autonomously, flexibly, ethically, reflectively for work, leisure, participation, learning, socialising, consuming, and empowerment.

It is also here, slide 9:

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Yves & Anusca



Yves Punie
08:02 on 10 April 2012

Creativity is certainly an important element of Digital Literiacies. See for a report on ana analysis of creativity in formal education in Europe, based on a literature review, a survey with teachers, a case study analysis and an expert workshop:




Yves Punie
08:12 on 10 April 2012

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