Barry Philips (Sero Consulting) - POERUP: Policies for OER Uptake

16 April 2012

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Robert Farrow
17 April 2012

POERUP 2011-2014 is an EU funded project which focuses on how governments can stimulate OER uptake through policy instruments, moving from dissemination to adoption. Emerging findings/observations include:

  • There is less visible/large scale OER is the developed world than expected
  • In the developing world there is more uptake and a stronger sense of political backing
  • OER debate in the US seems more inclusive, taking in all education sector
  • Countries like Korea are making progress with OER without policy drivers
  • OER policy triggers are fundamentally context dependent
  • OER is an understood term, but much HE OER is hidden and in schools it is barely recognised
Possible policy implications:
  • End operational/philosophical sector walled gardens
  • Autonomy vs collaboration vs accountability
  • Need to keep building capacity for credible lobbying/advocacy at all levels
  • Keep researching evidence and developing policy


Barry also contributed to:

VISCED: A Transnational Appraisal of Virtual Schools and College Provision

LUOERL: Learner Use of OER for Learning Final Report

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