Promotion of OER development in Indian Universities

17 April 2012

The author describes her experiences of trying to promote OER content development for the UG level among University teachers.

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Gabi Witthaus
18 April 2012

Savithri showed us several links of resources that are promoted within India as "OERs" (see "Links" below) but almost all are copyrighted. 

A light on the horizon is an OER project at Mumbai University, started in November 2011 and supported by COL. Creating first year courses in "Economics- Microeconomics" and "Soft Skills". Dynamic Wikieducator pages embedded in a Moodle platform. The Moodle is hosted at Delhi University - not yet moved to Mumbai University site. However, the VC is now hesitating... wants to be sure the pages are free of plagiarism...

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