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Nick Freear
18 October 2012

We're now at the end of the Track OER project, so this is a suitable point to consider the impact of the project and any next steps.

  1. Google Analytics (and Piwik-based) license-trackers for the Bridge to Success downloadable archives/ Zips have undergone technical testing, and have been approved. They will be deployed to the production OpenLearn-Labspace environment in mid-November.
  2. The license-trackers for B2S archives incorporate GA campaign tracking.
  3. The CaPReT-Google Analytics and CaPReT-Piwik Javascripts have also undergone testing. They will also be deployed to LabSpace in mid-November.
  4. We have contributed fixes to the original CaPReT code base.
  5. There is a demo bookmarklte service to add license-trackers to content available through OER Commons.
  6. And all code is on Github, and available under a GPL-compatible open source license.

On this basis the project has achieved what it set out to achieve - demonstrating practical analytics-solutions for OERs.

Next steps

Apart from the deployments mentioned above, these are the next steps:

  1. Use the current command line PHP batch processor (part of Track OER) as the specification for production-ready XSLT templates. This is the route to add license-tracking to OpenLearn and OpenLearn-LabSpace at scale.
  2. "Tracking evidence" - find ways to integrate the Google Analytics data in (Google) maps in the OLNet Evidence Hub.
  3. Document recipes to create and export analytics reports.
  4. Explore an "Embed Me" / "Embed 'n' Track" button for OpenLearn (and OER Commons).
  5. Show Creative Commons the project outputs.
  6. Other dissemination activity.


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