Building flexibility into the curriculum

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Gráinne Conole
12 January 2009

Use this cloud to discuss ideas around providing flexibility in the curriculum. For example studying in different locations (home, work, etc.), different speeds of learning, different start and finish times, etc.

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Julia Platt
1:22pm 15 January 2009

We need more start and finish times to facilitate flexibility for students entering and exiting the modules/awards. Would enable students to complete quals more quickly, e.g. 120 points in a year. Would also facilitate APEL/APCL claims.

Julia Platt
1:27pm 15 January 2009

Provide students within an award different options/pathways through to theoretical or practical quals. What is the cheapest way of doing this? What are the implications of providing this flexibility?

Julia Platt
1:42pm 15 January 2009

Should we explore flexibility of assessment. Do we need more variety in modes of assessment?  For example, multi-choice on-line, use of digital technologies, e.g. hand-helds, 1:1 conversations, presentations, observations of practice, assessed workplace supervision. We probably have too much written essay-style assessment. More online assessment would develop ICT skills.

Lynda Juma
1:47pm 15 January 2009

From a study support point of view this would also allow for students who have eg literacy problems to be offered additional support and drop onto the next presentation/round rather than having to leave the course completely.  This might improve completion and encourage students to admit to study issues that they might otherwise try and hide.  It could be an expansion of interupted study.

Lynda Juma
1:50pm 15 January 2009


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