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Will Pollard
11 January 2013


I work on a YouTube video channel - Will Pollard - and a radio show with video extensions. Rarely there is a budget for several cameras and an edit but mostly there is one low budget camera and maybe a trim before loading to YouTube. Mostly I find music is easiest to get permission to record but the same approach could work with a conference or any meeting. The audience can combine various sources but there are limitations to the current situation.

The Change I Would Like To See

A lot is already possible. If #tags are agreed in advance there can be several cameras at most events. I use a Kodak Zi8 and similar capability could be in many phones soon. More people could use the Creative Commons choice in YouTube. The Remix button shows up. 

Although I have yet to see a phone as good for video as the Zi8 there is an advantage in quick loading through wifi or maybe 4G. Files are still large so I don't think this will happen soon.

How To Go About this

Examples encourage more people to try it. Please add any clues or links.

The best chance at the moment is the South West Music Awards. There is a proper version being edited but my friend Chris Norton has some iPhone clips as well as my Zi8 so we can try things out. #SWMA12

Sorry if this is off topic. Once there is an example it could work for other content.



Extra content

Not sure if these are personas.

Kevin trained with BBC cameras several years ago. As a hobby he has also had a Mac at home and explores Adobe Creative Suite. Recently he is a bit miffed with the low production values on YouTube. He realises some of them are viewed by many people but he expects this to come to an end fairly soon. He is often asked to do some editing in Premiere but now requires a budget if a project takes several days.

Molly is a singer songwriter who is prepared to do some covers when busking. Sales of CDs have become more difficult in recent years. She has gradually accepted that videos will be made when she performs but is unhappy with the variable image quality. Usually the sound is not too good.

Sam is a sound engineer. He started doing his own sound, then arranging an open mic, then in various bars. He is often asked for a cable feed to a video camera from the sound desk. He has no problem with this except that various controls have to be reset a number of times. The venue management has no interest in  YouTube or social media so Sam often concentrates on something else. The performers constantly demand an amended mix in their own monitor so Sam is actaually busy.

Will is trying to find out more about video editing. He has found the remix button on YouTube but has not had time to explore what is possible. There is a backlog of clips to edit.



Will Pollard
17:46 on 18 January 2013

Scenario for video production around a conference

( the personas are from music video, scenario for a conference ; I find music scene easier to work with now but conferences also possible in future)

Conference centre with large central space, several smaller rooms, coffee in social area.
Nearby are three pubs and four cafes. There is a good sound system and sound recording.

There is a mix of academics, professional experts, practitioners, and reporters.

The organisers want the output of the conference to include some print publications but also podcasts and video. They also want to interact with social media during the event through all possible formats. Because a Creative Commons approach is agreed the people attending the conference expect to be able to edit their own versions.

There are a limited number of broadcast quality cameras. Most people have phones with some video capability.

The main conference is timed for one day between about 11 and 5, intended to allow time for rail travel before and after. A smaller group meets earlier to discuss how to record the event as sound, video, text. There is a design for editing and distribution assuming the recording will work out as intended. A later meeting works out a redesign of the edit after the event as the recording is not what was expected. Because #tags were agreed and publicised ahead of the event there is more material from camera phones available. The edit budget has to be expanded. The organisers consider an expensive DVD as well as short samples on YouTube.

Will Pollard
18:32 on 18 January 2013

Embedded Content

Stephen Heppell at BETT

Stephen Heppell at BETT

added by Will Pollard

Creative Commons - Joanne Jacobs at Like Minds in Exeter

Creative Commons - Joanne Jacobs at Like Minds in Exeter

added by Will Pollard

Force field try one

Force field try one

added by Will Pollard

Edit on YouTube, see discussion below

Edit on YouTube, see discussion below

added by Will Pollard

Borrowed from ARTiFactor: My Dream: a Digital Literacy MOOC

Borrowed from ARTiFactor: My Dream: a Digital Literacy MOOC

added by Will Pollard

Course Features Cards

Course Features Cards

added by Will Pollard

Phonic Party Playlist

Phonic Party Playlist

added by Will Pollard


Art Oglesby
8:19pm 11 January 2013

Check out Switchcam which is offering early access.

More info from TechCrunch

So far, Switchcam’s killer app seems to be pulling together full concert performances from multiple video sources. The platform collects videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites, determines which order they fit in based on audio recognition, and then stitches them together into one big video timeline. Based on the video and audio quality, it attempts to show the best stream of a particular scene available, but users are free to switch between videos when there are multiple sources to choose from.

(A good example is this Lady Gaga performance, which pulls together 15 songs and has 41 different camera angles.)

Art Oglesby
11:40pm 11 January 2013

Here is another link I saw today - Streamweaver

Will Pollard
11:31am 12 January 2013

Art, thank you for these links.

Can I assume you will continue to contribute to this cloud? Not sure how the groups are going to work.

Is there an example of a conference that works as well as Lady Gaga? Needs a good soundtrack to start with I guess.

Art Oglesby
6:21pm 13 January 2013


I just loaded an app Condition One to my iPad. It plays 180 degree videos shot with a new GoPro camera which stiches together four 720p videos together. The iPad viewer is like a window that allows you to look though it and see 180 degrees.

My You Tube Channel videos started at VHS resolution, then cameras that shot 480, 720, and now 1080 pixel resolution.

My budget for cameras is usually under $200 but I can see multi-angle or surround virtual reality video production being within reach of my budget very soon. 

Will Pollard
6:29pm 13 January 2013

Wow, you have a NeXt computer !


How can you tell which computers are just out of date and which are valuable classics?

As explained somewhere else I would be happy to try adding video production to digital literacy. Depends on how many people are interested in video production and multiple cameras as such.

Art Oglesby
6:50pm 13 January 2013


Yes, I shot that with my old 480px cam - it was in my pocket and all I had that day. You can't capture it if you don't have a camera!

We have been given three NeXT computers to be recycled, We sold 2 of them that work for $250 ea. The last one needs it obsolete SCSI drive replaced.

Another link just in from CES live - glasses that shoot live 3D video.

Jonathan Vernon
10:25pm 13 January 2013

I'd like to contribute to this group. My experience includes conventional TV production and multicamera shoots but I am always experimenting. These multiple perspectives allows the user to be the director, creating a personalised edit.

Will Pollard
9:53am 14 January 2013 (Edited 10:02am 14 January 2013)

Jonathan, thanks this project will continue. I was in two minds whether to contribute on video to Art's project on digital literacy. But maybe he will help us a bit and we could comment also.

I have found that Art has started a study group on Digital Literacy so suggest we join that


Will Pollard
2:52pm 16 January 2013

I have added a video on Creative Commons. This was from a Like Minds event in Exeter. Once Creative Commons is explained, a lot of people support the idea.

Now some instructional design-

  • Go to the edit page for your YouTube video
  • Select Advanced Settings rather than Basic Info
  • On Licence and Rights Ownership ( about half way down on left) select Creative Commons , not the YouTube standard
Result - the REMIX button shows up.


Will Pollard
5:18pm 18 January 2013

So the jpeg from Flickr has turned up. There is a Google doc version so this could be edited if / when there is an occasion.

Will Pollard
10:54am 21 January 2013

I am adding this here, hope it can be found from Scenarios, Personas

Slightly different format, a procedures manual or sequence of events. Still about video for an event.


There is a recording design meeting before the event. Agenda to include the range of cameras to be used, access to the sound desk, copyright arrangements agreed with the performers.

After the event there is an edit design meeting. Agenda to include assessment of existing recording, copyright discussion with performers, and budget for distribution. Distribution decisions will influence the form and resource for editing.

Note- Creative Commons may be applied to recordings during the event but not to the final product. There could be payment for content used. This will be part of both design meetings. 

Chris Follows
8:04pm 21 January 2013

Co-editing experiment- http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/co-editing-experiment

This video demonstrates a really low tech, quick demonstration/example/experiment of how an editor and a content producer could save time and edit together without having to be in the same space, leaving them to do what they do best in their own time, sustainable collaborative reuse example for the OER and OEP community.

Will Pollard
9:30am 22 January 2013

Chris, Thanks for this. I have added the video.

Do you know of a reqassuring simple guide to how the edit works on YouTube? I have got as far as combining two videos but not much further. I guess it is easy enough once you try it.

Jonathan Vernon
8:29pm 22 January 2013

I'm just posting to say I've read the above and will post if I have anything to contribute.

Art Oglesby
8:55pm 22 January 2013


I  got an Alpha invite to #waywire, (from TechCrunch)

 In the near future, users will be able to cut original clips on breaking world news, giving them the editorial power once reserved to broadcast producers walled-off in a darkroom with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Web-savvy users could splice together the best professional footage with eye-witness citizen accounts posted on YouTube, disrupting the major broadcasters’ monopoly on video news. #waywire also plans to let users shoot and edit their own video responses to content they find around the web.

Did you see the you tube video embed I did on my Art's Hearth cloud? 

It is 23 below here in mid USA, so needed to warm things up.

I hope to do a review of your project soon.


Art Oglesby
11:34pm 22 January 2013


I am looking for a list of possible challenges that might hinder sucess in your project and possible preemptive strategies.


Tiffany Crosby
12:57am 23 January 2013

May I suggest another persona - a new entrepreneur that wants to add quality videos to their website on a low budget. Typically within the training and education space. Varying levels of technical competence. Wide range of technological tools in effect. I don't have a clue as to the technical aspects if our discussions but I can easily see the possibilities for my network of relationships.

Will Pollard
9:50am 23 January 2013


I think the main blocks could be bandwidth, management attitudes to copyright, and attitudes to video.

They are getting less. We will probably have 4G in the UK later this year. The cameras in phones are improving. Over the summer music will be in the open air. For some reason managers seem to worry less about copyright. Not sure why this is. Same with visual arts. Very hard to photograph in a gallery but outdoor installation no problem. In education, video now ok so long as there is a book about the same topic.

I have not put any arrows or plus and minus on the force field. It may not help in a fluid situation.

more later, I'm sure trhere are others.

Will Pollard
9:50am 23 January 2013


Thanks for this suggestion. I will think on and add here later.

Will Pollard
6:42pm 23 January 2013

Copied from my learning log as I think Sancha's comment should be here also-

Sancha de Burca 

5:32pm 23 January 2013


I was very interested in the Hangout discussion. I think I'll try to get some of my TV Production (ie "Interactive TV") students involved in some You Tube editing! I didn't know you could do that (legally!).



Sancha, BETT and Learning Technologies next week could be a good project. There should be lots of stuff.

When they get the hang of it, could they do some screen shots? I have got as far as putting two clips together but still find the options a bit confusing. Quite visual, not much pull down menu.


Will Pollard
5:04pm 9 February 2013


Thanks for the link to Switchcam. They have now let me on to the beta so I will try this out



Will Pollard
5:47pm 10 February 2013

Now I have a test on Switchcam


This is silent for copyright reasons but there are versions on YouTube with the advertising claimed by Aled Jones. Quite right too.

Will Pollard
10:23am 18 February 2013

There is now a Phonic playlist on YouTube


This includes videos from other sources, time and place, that were used for sound on the Wild Show (Thursday 10 -12)  and short clips from Friday evening. These have been edited to add the #PhonicParty tag but are similar to uploads from an iPhone via wifi in the basement.

So far the prototyping of intended content / learning design suggests that learners need support in many ways, that some progress is natural, that the result may not be as intended.

There is more to be edited later so there will be a test for Switchcam, but now I need to be roughly back on track with the course for this week.

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