Awards not courses (modules)

Focussing on awards that comprise modules that have different points e.g. 10, 15, etc

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Amy Brown
15 January 2009

Aim:  Students register for awards rather than modules.



  1. Current systems are course based (e.g. course approvals, registrations, award boards)
  2. How to allow those students who just want to study a module fit into the new award based system.
  3. Adapting existing courses into smaller modules.
  4. tracking and verifying students achievements through the award
  5. Continuity of tuition and the student experience with shorter modules.
  6. Regional engagement with new model and being able to facilitate tutoring the whole award.


How to address the challenges:


  • Review current course based approvals to fit Awards.  Programme Committee's would consider whole Awards at the various stage gates than individual courses. 
  • Award Boards to be run twice a year, to award for a collection of modules to reduce the overall number of award boards.
  • Make resources available for adapting courses into smaller modules.
  • Discussion with regions to negotiate award based tutoring.



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Julia Platt
2:43pm 15 January 2009

Certainly a good idea but need to consider:


- whether students/employers will have to pay upfront fees for whole award?

- that some students want to study individual modules only for general interest, i.e. they don't nec want to be locked into an award from the start.

- if students want to change mid-way through an award, what happens?

- if smaller modules are cost effective?


Greg Thomas
11:32pm 7 October 2013

I’ll add my point of view here, which I think could be an underlying system in which Amy's original post could apply.  If I was an adult that didn’t attend a university, but wanted to expand my education via targeted experience and MOOC’s, here’s what I’d like to see:

Since most businesses around the world are slow to banish the thought of requiring a higher-learning degree for entry level employment, I would want to acquire something similar to that.  Unfortunately, universities usually give all or nothing; meaning you’re in for the duration once you start, or you’ve got nothing to show for it.

In the US, if I wanted to earn a Business Degree, I would need bundles of classes in the following categories:  math, finance, accounting, marketing, business mgmt, human resources, social science, humanities, economics, and more.  If this degree program could be broken down into smaller achievements or modules, grouped by category, and built upon each other and stacked with achievements from actual universities, work experience, general knowledge, self learning, etc, then it would be possible to complete something very similar to a degree, without the time, expense and hassle of just being a student for a number of years.

To expand on that example, if I’m targeting a certain career, I may not need all of the classes required under a degree program.  I would choose the handful of modules, or bundles of courses, that would build or stack together to form a full expertise skill set, or a “custom degree” of sorts, that could demonstrate to an employer that I have the right skill set or that I’m knowledgeable in a certain area.

Individual modules could also be earned just to enhance knowledge in a certain area, and be recognized by employers, associations, publications, etc; just as another “badge” on the ole resume.       

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