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Penny Wheeler
15 January 2013

My dream is that teaching staff will be so well-informed and motivated that they will automatically choose resources and structured activities for their online courses which are accessible for all their students.

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Fawei Geng
11:19am 15 January 2013

Hi Penny,

Nice project.  I am also interesed in how to motivate staff so that with our support they can learn things themselves.  My goal of supporting/teaching/training staff is not to ask them to come back to me whenever they are stuck, instead, I would like to teach them to be an independant learner. 

If you like, we can team up to keep the coversation going during this MOOC course.

All the best




Penny Wheeler
11:29am 15 January 2013

That would be great, Fawei. I particularly liked your emphasis on motivation in your personal introduction, and I might search Cloudworks for that topic soon.

Perhaps you're coming to the hangout now? Anyway, speak soon.


Clem WIlkinson
5:52pm 15 January 2013

Really nice (and I believe important) project. I was wondering how I had missed it, then realised it was new :)

With online/digital materials I have found it helpful to consider which elements of Digital Literacies (Belshaw, 2012) might be applied. 'Critical' is one that seems very appropriate here, 'Civic' perhaps another.

Keeping things fairly simple. I'm thinking of maybe three main activities:

  1. an understanding the reason for accessible resources. Using (as you suggest) case studies that are available on the web (Civic);
  2. an introduction to the resources themselves, what makes them accessible, perhaps constructing one (if they produce a lot of documents, perhaps in Word?);
  3. a 'Critical' evaluation of resources, considering those they use or are considering using.

However, being here on this MOOC, I am wondering how this idea might change as I consider different learning designs. A change will be interesting to reflect on.


Sue Watling
8:33pm 16 January 2013

Accessible Learning Materials has long been a soapbox topic of mine - and there are strong links between this and my DIY Multimedia proposal at  

In particular inclusive practice with audio and video through providing the information in alternative formats, and supporting staff to see this as integral to planning and learning design rather than something to be bolted on at the end. 

Clem's suggestion for case studies is relevant and it might be helpful to consider sharing those we've found useful. Digital literacies for me include raising awareness of digital divides (in particualr for users of assistive technologies) and how easy it is to inadvertently create barriers to access unless inclusive practices are followed.


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