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Martin Weller
14 April 2008

In this activity the concept of a connected document was introduced, ie one that relies on other resources to cover much of the subject, but pulls these together in a cohesive manner. The aim was to show that connectivity can be an answer to time management problems, as well as a cause. Students were given three topics to choose from, they then had to produce a connected document about that topic in a set time. This was broken down thus: *Search for online resources - 1 hour. Find a number of resources that you feel contribute to the topic you are covering. You may only have time to skim read them. *Produce a connected document - 45 minutes. Using the resources you have found, produce a connected document, adding in your own text to cover areas that haven't been addressed in any of the resources and provide a coherent narrative binding the document together. *Revision - 15 minutes. Give yourself some time to check the document over, ensure that it covers the area as you wish and has a coherent style. They then had to share their document, and reflect on whether they thought it had given them a good understanding of the topic.

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