Ann's review of week 1

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Ann Pegg
16 January 2013

Review of week 1

Well, I suppose that the first place to start is by reviewing the learning outcomes, and then adding my unintended learning outcomes to those!

  • Explore a variety of definitions of learning design

  • My review of learning design definitions has added to my knowledge about that exponentially!  not always in a way that has been easy to digest.   The very useful introductory video/talk by Yishay and the great wki that I linked to from my blog added lots of ideas and potential ways of defining learning design, as did some of the comments in the chat sessions.  For me there are two issues here,  we don't really have a secure/single definition of learning, or knowledge,   or it seems, design, so can there ever be a definitive definition of learning design when all the parts within it are subject to situation, debate, context and contest?

    Secondly, I think that I need to reflect on the morphing from Learning design for open education resources, some of the point of the MOOC, and learning design for online, and learning design for all learning, even as large as the whole curriculum according to some definitions that are included in the repository here.  People seem to be moving from one to the other of these things rather rapidly ( and without distinction) and I think that there is a need to consider what the boundaries between these different activities may be, and how permeable they are and how, therefore Learning Design, could apply to each of these. 
    • Initiate own learning/curriculum design project

    • I did manage to put up a post to this, but perhaps it was rather more a study issue than a design project.  Two responses, which was good, and certainly food for thought too.  Can Learning Design be at the level of a whole institutional curriculum?   can learning design work for workplace learning and with the student at the centre as an experiential learner?   Perhaps this comment should also be under Challenges! 

    • Define learning design, as a field of research and a practice

      I am not yet ready or confident to be able to offer a definition here, of the field or practice either (see below).  but for me the best definitions that I have seen are about the practice at the point of action for the student - an activity of discovery, problem solving, exploration, discussion.   I would like to see more on creativeness/creativity and student led actions/political actions in the sense of Friere, people learning about their own communities as a way to take charge of their own destinies.   Although many definitions assert that LD can be for the whole curriculum there don't seem to be many examples of this scale in practice,  but they may arrive as I look into this over the next few weeks.


  • Identify some of the grand challenges of using a learning design approach to the design of learning in the 21st Century

    For me this raises a really big question - in what way is using learning design any different to the way in which I normally/already design activities and courses - something I have called the practice of teaching or pedagogy?   and what is different about learning in the 21st Century?  Much has been made of digital literacy, information freedom/internet access to multiple information sources, collaborative learning and so on,   but I still have a question about how different is that in the 21st Century - are we talking about a wealth of more information?  does more meen that learning is different?  are we talking about unstructured learning?  hasn't some learning always been self-directed and unstructured?  are we talking about 'speed' of change of technology?  but does that actually impact on the way that people learn or is this just new tools?   
  • I hope that these are the questions of the MOOC, and certainly they are begining to emerge from the heteroglossic discusssion that this MOOC provides.  But as Bakhtin notes,  within the heteroglossia of discource there are always centralising forces, and is the move to create a 'field' of learning design research and practice a new profession for new technologies trying to secure a centralised place within the discussion on a world scale?   hmm.  I am not sure, perhaps the centralising forces will only emerge over time,  but structure and managing learning paths always seem to have some agenda and I would like that to be surfaced more in the discussion.  Who gains from the establishment of a field of learning design and practice?
  • Identify specific topics of interest for further exploration

  • Lots here,   many mentioned above.   Workplace learning design,  whole institutional curricula design,  what about immersive learning and individual learning ?  what of learning by observation?   I think I am best carrying on with a study circle to explore these issues.

  • additional learning outcomes:

  • Finally managed to use Cloudworks, to some extent.  Added to discussions and made comments.   Discovered that this MOOC took far more than one hour a day if one was to look at all things properly, so have begun to filter the information and restrict my own activities to enable me to keep going. Rather concerned by the public/private aspects of keeping this type oflearning journal/blog. Still haven't had an answer to who sees it, and how one can see who is reading it.  

  • Learnt -   I don't like on-line learning very much ( rather an issue for someone working at the OU!) it seems to be generating rather more information and quick comments than in depth knowledge ( unless comment provided by someone who is already an 'expert' but that's anothe issue),  but perhaps that is rather a high expectation for week 1 of a course ( rather like introductions in books, sometimes frustrating).   I doubt I have time to commit to a project except in a light touch way - happy to let someone else lead on that and join in as far as possible.  
  • not learned -  how to join a team (despite what seems like hours of trying) perhaps these teams are gathering elsewhere, but I don't have time to look for people.  I will join when that becomes clearer.  


Ann pegg
14:53 on 16 January 2013 Edit

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various learning design models

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