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Clem WIlkinson
25 January 2013

This board game has been specially designed for University staff who are designing or redesigning a programme/course.
Based on extensive playtesting with real programme teams and games designers in higher education in the UK, the Of Course! board game was developed to assist departmental staff in thinking about the wider implications of creating a new university programme. It has proved invaluable in starting conversations around real issues in market, student needs, design and delivery issues.
Above all, it's been designed and playtested as a true game, with competition, scoring and a vindictive element - to add engagement to the mix."

From his blog: Alex Moseley is Educational Designer and a University and  chairs the ALT Games and Learning Special Interest Group.

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Clare Gormley
8:37pm 30 January 2013

Hi Clem,

I'm intrigued! This game certainly looks like a fun and novel way to design a course. Thanks for sharing the link. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has used it. 

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