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Nuno Ricardo Oliveira
4 February 2013


Course/ module summary: This module aims to be sharing of online tools to make presentations more dynamic and interactive.

Key words: teaching, web 2.0, learning, collaborative learning

Guidance and support

Content and experience

Tools & resources

Responsibilities & relationships

Tools & resources

Responsibilities & relationships

  1. Moodle Plataform
  2. Course guide
  3. e-Book contents/resources (issuu)
  4. Groups in google
  5. E-portfolio (Mahara)







The participants of the course participants should have Internet access and intermediate skills in using ICT.


A spirit of mutual encouragement and support is encouraged by teachers as well as fostering a collaborative learning environment among colleagues.


Tutors should use a developmental mentoring approach.


1. A block of detailed activities to be held throughout the week

2. Detailed learning outcomes

3. Module materials (representative of a tutorial activity, also including articles, blogs and videos Theme).

 4. A manual

 5. Aggregators: Facebook group,, Delicious





Students study for approx 10 hours per week (Incl. course- & self-directed study and the completion of assignments)


Variety of activities include reading, discussing, practical tasks and collaborative activities


Learners will use a real or adopted professional perspective throughout the course to frame their discussions and reflections and in their assignments

Reflection and demonstration

Communication and collaboration

Tools & resources

Responsibilities & relationships

Tools & resources

Responsibilities & relationships

  1. Personal reflective blog
  2. Fora in Plataform Moodle
  3. ePortfolio personal (Mahara)
  4. Formative assessment




Use of a reflective personal blog and eportfolio are encouraged throughout the module.


Assessment of the module integrated with the teaching and learning activities so that all assignment work is a learning experience.


Assignments relate to personal context and practices.

  1. 3x Asynchronous online forums
  2. Live online discussions via Bigbluebutton
  3. Email (Feedback)
  4. Personal Blog (learner)
  5. ePortfolio (learner)



Strong emphasis on peer communication and collaboration, and learning from one another's experiences


The variety of tools used


Learners activity on the forum is supported, guided, assessed and receives regular feedback



Extra content

Embedded Content


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