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Ida Brandão
10 February 2013

In fact I think this cloud is a redundant exercise over my Project Cloud -, where I have my context scenario and narrative, together with some diagrams about the structure of this OER Module.

As I'm working with UDUTU tool, a course authoring tool, which is already programmed to create courses/modules/learning units, every other tool we have experimented along these weeks are really complementary.

The module/course guidelines may be considered as the prototype/the skeleton of the unit.

This module on OER will be a part of a more complete course on «Inclusion and Accessing Technology», which has been running in Moodle platform.

This OER module (in UDUTU tool) can be addressed as an individual learning unit to be used on a self-learning perspective - in this case the main interaction will be with contents - or it can be used in a tutoring/facilitator approach, complemented with collaboration and communication tools (Google tools or other ones). diagram with the structure of OER module

Glogster storyboard with the structure of OER module

I'm still working on the contents for the 3 topics:

  • topic 1 - «open» concept /copyright-commons
  • topic 2 - learning design - universal design for learning
  • topic 3 - creating, reusing and remixing OER

Each topic will have:

  • an initial presentation in «PREZI», including videos. An audio comment on the presentation will be added as accessibility (UDUTU allows audio files per screen).
  • Resources - thematic aggregators (livebinders, pinterest,, instagrock...) will be provided
  • Activities (individual/group)

I'm still working on Prezi's, on images to illustrate the screens, using Photovisi, remixing with other images

I'll have to write the comments to record audio for each screen.

I'll have to revise aggregators and complete them.

My aim is not only prototyping but to have a whole learning unit ready to discuss and test.

My work in UDUTU so far -

Extra content

Embedded Content


Marion Manton
8:53am 13 February 2013

Hi Ida

it looks like you are really pulling this together - and will be well placed for next week.  We had to design it on the assumption some users were coming to OER cold, but I think a lot of you will be well ahead of the game.


Ida Brandão
9:37am 13 February 2013

Hi Marion,

OER, 'open' initiatives, free resources have been promoted among teachers in my country, but it never is enough.

There are a lot of free resources and tools that can be used both by teachers and students, turning learning much more motivating. I try to do my best to disseminate all the good stuff that is out there and sometimes not really used as it should.

There's always the justification that there's no time to dedicate to explore them, but one has to understand that this is not wasting time, rather investing in what has potential to engage pupils/students. Give them the tools that they'll use them! They just need guidance.


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