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Rebecca Ferguson
11 February 2016


Conexus is a Norwegian company with a number of products and services focused on the use of data for school-level education, professional development and management.

The product known as Vokal compiles background, activity and assessment data from various sources. It provides analysis and reporting at individual and group level, as well as tools to support the evaluation and improvement of pedagogic practice. Data is gathered from a range of external sources – Conexus has worked with several publishers – and is combined with anonymised data from Statistics Norway, the student survey and national tests.

Vokal also includes support for adaptivity; Knewton is used for progression analysis in individual subjects. Conexus emphasises, however, that its tools are intended to support pedagogic practice, and that Vokal is not an automated teaching system.


Inventory type:

learning environment tool

smart system

design and planning tool

analytics for assessment

Role of analytics:

summarisation & description

statistical inference




Data sources:

uses data from statistical services, sources data from other system(s): management information systems, virtual learning environment, publisher online content, assessment systems



Tool in Context



Supply model:

desktop tool/self-hosted server software/privately-hosted software/shared service model


Conexus: TEL vendor

Ethics and privacy:




Maturity and Evidence of Utility

Conexus claim Vokal is used in 75% of Norwegian primary schools and was the only European learning analytics vendor identified by Gartner in a 2015

Further Information

Tool provider’s website: (Norwegian language site)

Tool provider’s website: (English language site, with less detail)

Presentation by Yngve Lindvig (Conexus):

Case study on data sharing by LACE Project (section 2.7):

Gartner Vendors Report: (subscription required to access report)

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